Live Casino Games | 24 Jul 2023

Online casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry, offering convenience and accessibility to players worldwide. However, it has been criticized for lacking authenticity and excitement. Live Casinos were created to bridge this gap, bringing the thrill of a real casino to players’ screens through interactive real-time interaction with live dealers. Here, we will explore the unique experience of interacting with live dealers in Live Casinos.

The Evolution of Live Casinos:

Since their introduction in the mid-2000s, Live Casinos have gained a wide range of popularity due to technological advancements in streaming capabilities and increased internet bandwidth. Initially, Live Casinos were limited to classic table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. However, with time, the range of games expanded to include poker, craps, and more, allowing customers to enjoy a full-featured casino experience at home.

The Live Casino Setup:

Casinos operate from dedicated studios which are equipped with the most advanced technology, creating a casino experience similar to that of a real casino. These studios are designed to mimic the atmosphere of a real casino by providing stylish décor, elegant tables, and experienced dealers. In addition to high-definition cameras that capture every angle of the action, multiple camera setups enhance the player’s experience by allowing dynamic shots as well as a clear view of the dealer’s actions.

The Role of Live Dealers:

Live dealers are at the core of the Live Casino experience. They have a background in casino operations and are highly trained professionals who handle the games with skill and expertise, just as their counterparts do in land-based casinos. Live dealers interact with players in real time, providing a human element to the digital gambling experience.

The Live Interaction Experience:

When players enter a Live Casino game, the live dealer greets them and welcomes them to the game. With the help of a chat feature, players can interact with the dealer and other participants, fostering a social environment similar to a land-based casino. By providing live interaction, whether to ask questions, congratulate winners, or engage in friendly banter, the overall excitement and immersion of the game are enhanced.

Live Slot Casino Game

Live Slot Casino Game

Advantages of Live Casinos:

  1.  Realism:

Casinos with live dealers provide a more authentic gambling experience than automated games. The presence of real dealers and physical cards or roulette wheels creates a sense of trust and realism that appeals to players who are more comfortable with a human connection.

   2.  Convenience:

Live Casino is available from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, eliminating the need for players to travel to a physical casino.

  3.  Social Interaction:

Players have the ability to communicate with the dealer as well as with other players across the globe, which fosters a sense of community amongst players.

  4. Game Variety:

As live casinos have expanded their game offerings to accommodate a wide variety of player preferences, there is something for everyone at live casinos.

  5. Game Transparency:

Multiple camera angles provide a transparent view of the game, including the shuffling of cards and the spinning of the roulette wheel, which enhances player trust and fairness.

Challenges of Live Casinos:

  1. Internet Connectivity:

A stable Internet connection is critical to having a smooth experience at a Live Casino. Poor internet connections can cause lags and interruptions.

   2. Time Sensitivity:

Real-time games like Live Casino require players to make their betting decisions in a timely manner.

  3. Higher Minimum Bets:

Due to the costs of running a live studio and hiring professional dealers, live casino games have bigger minimum bets than computer-generated ones.

The Future of Live Casinos:

The Live Casino experience is expected to improve as technology advances. Players can interact with live dealers in more immersive ways by interacting in a virtual casino environment using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. The game selection is likely to expand further, catering to various player preferences.



Live Casinos at 8nplay bridge the gap between online and traditional casinos, providing players with an engaging and authentic gambling experience. Live Casinos continue to captivate players with real dealers, live interactions, and a wide range of games. Live Casinos are set to become even more thrilling and immersive as technology advances.